Brown Discharge Instead of Period: Five Reasons and Preventions


Discharge normally occurs during periods. There are several colors which are noticed – white, yellow (pale-ish) and brown. However, brown discharge instead of period is quite concerning. Otherwise it is normal to have discharge of any color. Similarly, brown discharge without periods for two months is a call for something major.

Brown Discharge Instead of Period

What is brown discharge?

Menstruation process accompanies with discharge. Each type particularly brown one signifies the healthy medical condition during or right after the completion of period cycle. It is nothing to get frightened. On the other hand, if brown discharge appears on the panties without period or after a week of period then yes, you should get it checked. It is because mostly periods end with the exit of dirty and left over blood in vessels which is brown in color.

Five Reasons and Solutions of Brown Discharge Instead of Period

It is pretty normal to get worried about the brown discharge which isn’t the part of period. Women usually get panicked if brown discharge takes more than four days after periods and doesn’t stop. However, what really needs to get addressed is whether it is dangerous for women or not. For that, women should focus on the reasons, their preventions and recommended medicines. In this case, they should seek professional doctor’s assistance if need.

  1. Hormonal Imbalances:

Periods and associated factors causes brown discharge. However, when hormones are imbalanced it also becomes the key factor of causing brown discharge. Dysfunctionality, hyper sensitivity or even low hormonal input can also cause brown discharge.

  1. Overdue Period Cycle:

Brown discharge instead of period also take place due to overdue period. This happens particularly when the residuals remain in the uterus and doesn’t eliminate the fine lining. In such cases, the previous uterine is ejected from woman’s vagina.

This is such a situation where women usually starts off with periods after three days. On the safer side, if women don’t get to start period, they must seek doctor’s assistance. In other scenarios, brown discharge is nothing but the leftovers of postponed period.

  1. Sexually Transmitted Diseases – STDs:

Brown discharge can be caused by the STDs. These are the diseases which may take place due to STD:

  • Pelvic inflammation
  • Chlamydia
  • Genital warts
  • Vulvovaginitis
  • Gonorrhea

All these diseases have brown discharge.

  1. Cervical Cancer:

In the most extreme cases which are mostly rare and hard to find, brown discharge can be seen because of cervical cancer. The total rate of cervical cancer in America is one percent. For that, checkups, followed and routine medication assistance, examinations of pelvic and other related tests should be checked monthly or as per doctor’s recommendation.

Solutions of the causes – Prevention

What one should do on observing brown discharge instead of period? Weight should be watched. Care has to be taken during intercourse. Solution of weakness and heavy periods should also be catered. For vomiting and nausea, medications and other home remedies can be used. Prescribed pain killers can be taken for severe pelvic pain. For rashes and burning sensation especially during urinating ca be taken care by medicines and some home remedies.

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