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Swollen bump on lips may be mild or extremely infectious and are sometimes a warning of basic medical conditions. Bump on upper lip or bump on inside of lip both can be painful at times. When you get any of them, you must observe general features like size, soreness, etc. Not only lip sores look awkward, but it can also at times be very itchy. Bump on any part of the body makes us conscious. Conscious to the extent that we start to lose confidence. In conditions like this, where we notice a bump on lip, either upper or lower, we have to be certain about few things. Now you see these things are solemnly related to the medical influences. They might scare us but the medical examination is much needed in this regard. Alright, before we go on, we have to understand the causes of bumps on lips.

Bump on Lip

Prospected Causes of Bump on Lip

There are few causes of bumpy texture on lips. However, what require our attention is on the possibilities of oral cancer. Keeping that in mind, it becomes possible to cater the preventive measures accordingly.

Here are few common causes of bumpy texture on lips:

  1. Oral Herpes:
    Canker sores or herpes (oral) may become the possible reason of bumpy skin on lips. They initially are red spot on the lip that won’t go away with rashes. Later, they are filled with liquid, more like blisters. In the end, these blisters burst, causing both pain and irritation. It can be transmitted through direct contact, for example, sharing common utensils, kissing with an infected person or sharing a toothbrush. Sore neck glands and fever also come with Oral Herpes. It can heal within two weeks. Some people use painkillers to lessen the pain associated with it.
  1. Oral Cancer:
    Bump on the lips which are white in color is usually without pain. But the pain starts to build based on size and time. So much so that these spots on lips bleed. Obviously, we feel pain at that time.
    Oral cancer may have the following reasoning:
  • Direct exposure to sunlight.
  • Excessive use of tobacco.
  • Alcoholic abuse.
  • HVP – Human Papillomavirus.
  1. Fordyce Spots:
    If you observe that the color of bump is more yellowish-white (and not pure white), it is Fordyce granules. These are not harmful and are really very small. They are white in color and don’t appear on the lips rather inside the lips. These spots increase in size with time, or as we age. There is a probability of maximum hundred spots inside the lips. According to study, the existence of Fordyce granules can take place at the time of birth, but they become visible after puberty.  They are not transmittable and heal on their own. Sometimes doctors recommend steroids or laser therapy if they become too itchy.
  1. Fungal Infection:
    Fungal infection is also known as oral thrush which can be the cause of abrasions in or on lips. This infection isn’t limited to lips but is spread in gums, mouth, and tonsils.
  1. Milia:
    Generally, Milia are found in infants and babies. They are relatively smaller in size and have nothing like blisters. However, they are mostly accumulated white skin. Milia are typically found on face but can appear on lips too. Due to the malfunctioning of the dead skin removal process, dead skin cells become unable to get released from the skin, and hence Milia starts developing. Toothpaste can be another cause of milia. Toothpaste contains fluoride in them. They can cause allergic reactions on the lips. To avoid this, one must wash mouth’s skin comprehensively (this can prevent allergy). Other possible reasons of Milia are lip gloss, lipsticks, and French kissing. You can also blame UV rays for milia. Sunscreens should be used to prevent this. It is said that Milia are not transmittable. Doctors sometimes use surgery to remove milia.
  1. Lip Biting
    Some people are in the habit of biting lips. Severe lip biting can also cause scars/bruises on the lip. Someone told us, “There is a bump on my lip that doesn’t hurt.” Well, it must have occurred due to lip biting.
  1.  Cold sores
    These are little blisters that occur on the lips. Their skin is mostly red, swollen and sore. They, being fragile, break up automatically after few days, release transparent fluid and then get another layer on it. They normally heal within 14 days. A cold sore is a bump on lip not painful. Pills, skin creams and ointments are used to treat cold sores. Cold sores are caused by Herpes Simplex Virus 1 (HSV 1). It is a widespread infection among Americans. Undernourishment and cleanliness are the causes of cold sores.
  1. Sunburn
    Extreme exposure to UV rays can cause little bumps on your lips. This happens when the sun rays harm the salivary glands of lips. People who don’t use sun blocks are vulnerable to harms of sun rays.

When to look for medical assistance? – Symptoms

Consult your doctor if you find the following symptoms in company with bumps on your lips:

  • lack of sensation in the tongue
  • a spongy, white patchy spot on your lips
  • jaw inflammation
  • if bumps keep growing or condition becomes worse
  • pain on bumps
  • itchiness spreading quickly
  • inflammation of lips
  • Breathing complications
  • Non-stop bleeding on lips

How to identify bumps on lips? – Diagnosis

When you visit your physician, he might check your health history. He may ask questions like: Do you smoke? What symptoms of lip bumps are you experiencing? For how long have you been experiencing bump on lip line or inside lip? Are you allergic to anything? What medicines are you taking? For how long do you expose your face to sunlight? How much pain are you experiencing? What changes have you noticed?

Then he may conduct a physical check up. He will examine your lips comprehensively. A visual examination is enough if it is oral herpes or thrush. He may recommend more tests like:

  • X-Ray of your face so that he may examine your jaw and lips in depth (for identifying abnormality, if any)
  • Biopsy (in order to check is it cancer or simple bump)
  • Blood Test to identify any bacteria or viruses.

Treatment of Bumps on and in Lips

Well, everything and every disease has a treatment. Likewise, we have some treatments for typical white bumpy texture on lips. However, treatments largely depend on the causes. The causes of bumps on lip will determine how it should be treated. Identifying likely causes of lip bumps can assist you in understanding if a condition is a matter for concern or just a simple skin variation. For dermatitis and allergic reactions can be cured with the help of antihistamine. Antihistamines undo inflammation. Creams or pills can be used to decrease soreness. Surgery may also be recommended if there is cancer. Radiations and other medications are used to stop cancer from reaching other parts of your body.  Acyclovir and painkillers can be used for cold sores. They can heal quickly but do have some side effects.

It is a must to get a proper diagnosis. Here are some of the popular treatments:

  1. Laser Treatment:
    Electrosurgery is something we have for the treatment. It takes less time, and the results are way too good.
  1. Anti-fungal Medical Treatment:
    Medications are the best for the treatment of fungal infection. Liquids are available in market which are medically prepared. All we have to do is to squish it on the spot or blister. It is easy to use as there is no side effect even if it goes inside the mouth and you swallow it.
  1. Antiviral Medications:
    Oral herpes can be treated temporarily with the antivirus medicines. However, the permanent treatment cannot be relied on it.

Natural Home Remedies for bumps on lips

Following are some of the amazing natural home remedies for bumps on lip:

  • Never use artificial lip products. Only natural products should be used. The flavors and additives in artificial lip products can cause irritation on your lips.
  • People who are engaged in outdoor sports activities (like swimming, baseball or any sports with sunlight exposure) should use recommended SPF lips balms.
  • Drinking a lot of water every day can help prevent dehydration. As a result, your lips will not experience dryness and hence chances of lip bumps will be less. You can also pat water on lips.
  • Another treatment option is Vaporizing laser therapy which is very helpful for treating Fordyce’s spots.
  • Brush your teeth 2 to 3 times every day. People having bumps on lips must replace theory toothbrushes after the treatment of infection.
  • Washing your lips with warm salt water may lessen irritation and inflammation.
  • Avoid picking or irritating at your lip’s skin as this will increase the time of healing and can spread the infection.


Bump on lip are treated in many other ways, the causes also vary. And in short, it is more treatable if the diagnosis is made. Therefore, it is more like a cycle. We get symptoms and signs, then we know of causes, later the diagnosis is made and in the end, it is about treatment. Always consult your doctor for proper and in time treatment.

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