Useful tips for Milia on Lips


Milia are also known as milium which is a type of small white colored bumps on your lips or any other body part that looks not so good. Most commonly it is found in infants and can be cured easily by taking proper care. You can cure it easily at home but consultation with a dermatologist is necessary when it is not cured by routine care at home. You should use proper ways to cure Milia on Lips because using the wrong method can make you suffer even more.

Milia on Lip
A woman with Milia on Lip.

Cause of Milia on Lip

There can be many reasons but the most common one is any kind of vital infection. One of the other reasons that can be a cause of this is of sebaceous glands is not working properly. Many scientists have also verified that it is caused due to using wrong toothpaste and cancer in your oral cavity. These various reasons can cause milia on your lips and you can cure it by using simple remedies at home or consulting a dermatologist in severe conditions.


If you are trying to cure milia at home then keep certain things in mind. You have to take care of some cautions. Milia on your lip are not any kind of a pimple that can be popped and removed. You have to do it in the right way to get rid of this, first of all, the method used in case of milia is not popping but excising. Just like pimples they are not harmful to your skin but one must try to avoid it for the sake of aesthetic. The steps you have to do while performing excise are that you have to make a slight split near the skin or on top of it. Then apply a little pressure on the side of it to remove it. It is pretty simple but you have to take care of hygiene in doing this.

Consulting a dermatologist

Although it is a simple procedure to remove milia from your lips but in case you have many milia on your lips then do not try to do it yourself. Make a visit to your physician or dermatologist; he will perform specifically required treatment on you to give complete relief. Removing milia by using a comedown extractor and a small needle is not a painful procedure but require certain expertise. Even the physician won’t remove all the milia at once in case you have many, it can be very dangerous for your skin.

Removal at home

Removal of milia at home is a simple task and can be done easily. As this is am kind of infection, you can use certain kinds of medications that are anti-viral. If you feel continuous irritation around your lips then rinse them with warm salt water, it will remove the germs and relax you from irritation. Using a small amount of honey can also be helpful in getting rid of Milia in lips at home. Then small remedies will help you cure really soon.

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