What is a Mucous Cyst or bump on inside lip?


Mucous Cyst or Bump on inside lip

A mucous cyst or a bump on inside lip, also known as a mucocele is a swelling, which is fluid-filled. It is more common among the people, who age from 10 to 25 years and appears on the inside of the lip or mouth. It can occur due to the mouth’s salivary glands, which end up swelling and causing this particular problem. A mucous cyst is a serious condition, which can lead to some horrible side effects, if not treated properly on time. It is also considered very dangerous because of its direct link to the mouth. The germs and everything being swallowed during this condition can lead to further problems. It is always suggested to get it checked as soon as the symptoms start appearing. Some of the symptoms and causes of a mucous cyst are mentioned below.

Bump on inside lip
A young girl showing Bump on inside lip

The symptoms of a mucous cyst

There are some symptoms which can later end up in causing a mucous cyst. Though some of the symptoms can also mean some other type of infection. Therefore, it is suggested to get it checked by the doctor at the earliest. Some of the common symptoms include increased swelling around the face, a change in colour of face’s skin particularly blue, unusual softness and lesions. All these symptoms appear around the face, which makes it a little easy to understand the appearance of the mucous cyst.

The other symptoms include whitish tone of colour, increased tenderness and unusual rounded shape. These symptoms appear deeper within the skin; therefore, can be a little difficult for the self-evaluation.

The causes of a mucous cyst

A mucous cyst can be caused due to some reasons and that too very common. Lip biting is one of the main causes of a mucous cyst. People often end up getting a mucous cyst, which has a habit of lip biting; this is a reason due to which doctors suggest to give up lip biting. The other reason which results in a mucous cyst is the cheek biting. Just like the lip biting, cheek biting can be harmful too. It will lead to swollen salivary glands, which can give quite a hard time.

Piercing is another cause of a mucous cyst. If any piercing around the lip or face does not end up well, for example, causing some infection, then it will deliberately lead to the formation of a mucous cyst. Any piercing can prove to be harmful, if not done properly. Accidental rupture of a salivary gland can also result in a mucous cyst. The rupture of a salivary gland can lead to swollen mouth and swollen glands. The adjacent teeth can lead to chronic damage, and chronic damage will lead to some bruises, which will end up in the formation of a bump on inside the lip. It is always suggested to take care of these particular reasons and habits, which are mentioned above, to avoid the long-term problems such as mucous cyst and other bacterial infections.

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