Difference Between a Painful and Red Bump on the Lip that Doesn’t hurt


Lip sores

Bump on Lips are never fun. Whenever you get a sore on your lip, it messes with the whole look of your face. Imagine having an important meeting or a party and realizing that you have a huge red bump on your lip. It’s true that some people are into big lips, but I’m pretty sure that a sore lip doesn’t attract anybody. A sore lip is caused by any sort of bacterial or viral infection. So, it can be transmitted from person to person. Keep in mind to keep your distance from a person who has a sore lip, unless they are your loved ones, they are worth a lot more than a sore lip.

red bump on lips
A man having red bump on lip doesn’t hurt

Types of Lip sores

There are any kinds of sores. Sores can be found on many parts of the body. But sores that are formed on the lips can be of various types. They can have various causes and treatments. There are sores that have pain and irritation and there are sores that show red bump on lip doesn’t hurt.

Main Types of Sores

There are normally two main types of lip sores that are formed on the lips. There are sores that hurt, these kinds of sores are called cold sores. Fordyce spots are the kind of lip sores that are not that comparatively irritating and are usually painless.

Cold Sores

Cold sores are the painful type of sores. They are formed by poor hygiene. Poor hygiene leads to viral infections. And that is exactly what a cold sore is. A cold sore is caused by a virus. The virus that causes a cold sore is called herpes simplex.

Herpes Simplex

This virus has two types. One type of the virus is responsible for causing sores on the oral areas, while the other type causes sores on the genitals. The virus can spread through contact. So, it is best that you keep as less physical contact as possible from the infected person.

Fordyce spots

Where there are sores and blisters that are dangerous and can cause pain and uncomfortableness, there is also a type of sore that is painless and only affects the appearance of the face. For people that take their looks very seriously, even this can be quite irritating. These sores can be taken care of easily. They disappear themselves after just a day or two.

Causes of Red Bump on Lip doesn’t Hurt

They are formed by the uncontrolled behavior of the sebaceous glands. These glands are responsible for the production and secretion of the skin oil and the oil that is needed for the hair. Fordyce spots cause red bumps on lips, the red bump on lip doesn’t hurt.


The bumps and sores can be treated by keeping a good hygiene in the first place. If you keep a good hygiene, you will never form a blister on your body. The sores can be treated by medicine, visit your doctor and use the medicine that is prescribed. Use antibacterial and antiviral soaps to keep the skin clear from bacteria and viruses. Use less hot beverages. Beverages like coffee, hot chocolate and others that are similar should be avoided. You should avoid all kinds of contact from any person that is showing symptoms of sores. Since they are viral and could be spread through contact.

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