Privacy Policy

Information: Content and its collection:

  • Information and content in this website is featured on the basis of uniqueness, user friendliness and above all a complete research.
  • The writers and editors of the website check and finalize the articles after a full-fledged survey in the locality. They also conduct their own research to provide best and firsthand information.
  • All the latest researches from the world’s best doctors, and researchers is incorporated in accordance with the need.

Information: Your personal information:

  • As for the personal information, we collect your information once you sign up for the monthly newsletter or send us a query.
  • If you become part of the writers lounge in our website, we would like the content to be under your name. However, your consent will remain focused.
  • Email addresses and your names may become the part of website, upon your permission.
  • For quick feedbacks, the email addresses may become handy.
  • We might take help from your personal information to conduct a smooth and flawless activities, surveys and researches.

Information: Protecting your personal information:

Although we might use your personal information, our priority to make it safe will be our responsibility. The website owners will never take your personal information for granted and will take action against the disclosure of information provided. Trust is what we believe in and that is what we expect from your side too.

Cookies and popups:

Cookies in the website will enable you to use the maximum quality of the website. Yet, the choice of unchecking the cookies option remains open for all.

Updating the privacy policies:

The website reserves the right to modify and revise the content based on new researches and information. You will be notified about the changes in the privacy policy through newsletter which is mailed. We advise you to go through privacy policy and if you disagree on any point, mentioned in the newsletter, do let us know.

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