Red bump On lip Not Cold Sore


ace is the most maintained part of your body. When anything happens to your face, harming the visual looks of the face, all of your appearance is damaged. That’s why many people try to maintain the best hygiene and try to protect their face from all the kinds of harms, internal or external. But for the people, that miss out on taking care of their hygiene, problems occur. One of these problems is bumps on lip. Now, it might not be red bump on lip not cold sore but here we will guide you about various reasons of bumps on lips including the cold sores.

Red bump On lip Not Cold Sore
A Child Having Red bump On lip Not Cold Sore


Bump on Lips

Bumps on lips can be very annoying. Where zits and pimples only cause an unusual spot on your face, a lip bump totally changes the look of your face. Making it very hard to deal with. People in this kind of condition want to get out of it as soon as possible. But you can avoid it all, just by protecting yourself.

There are many causes of getting bumps on lips. The main cause or type of bumps on lips is called cold sores. Otherwise known as canker sores. Almost all of the bumps caused on the lips are due to cold sores. But there are other causes too. The causes of Red bump on lip not cold sore include oral herpes, oral cancer and Fordyce spots. Similarly red spot on lips have the same causes. Most of these are due tp bacteria, but there are some that are caused by viruses.

Below are described the main types of bumps on lips.

Cold Sores

Cold sores are the most common cause of bumps on lips. Cold sores are also called canker sores. They are known as a group of blisters that usually form on the lips. These blisters might stay on the lip for a couple of days. After that, the blisters will give out a colorless fluid, leaving mild marks. The marks will clear out after almost 2 or 3 days.

Fordyce spots

Fordyce spots are usually harmless. They are not caused by any infection. There are usually formed by the sebaceous glands being in the wrong location. Sebaceous glands are the glands that secrete oily fluids to for the skin and hair. They are formed on the vermillion border, the place where the lip meets the skin. For patients that are more keen on the looks, electrical desiccation is one of the methods to make the Fordyce spots less visible. A laser of CO2 is used for this process.

Oral Cancer

The most dangerous type of lip bumps is oral cancer. Lip bumps can be a symptom of oral cancer. There are symptoms through which you can recognize oral cancer. Some of these symptoms include red bumps on lips. Oral cancer can be identified by the swelling of jaw. If you feel any change in your voice, it might be a sign of oral cancer. If you notice a sore on your lip, and it doesn’t go away very soon, that can be a warning sign of oral cancer too.

Above were mentioned causes of cold sores, and also a couple of types that were Red bump on lip not cold sore. It is advised to go to doctor nearby for medical checkup if you are suffering from any such problem.

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