Causes And Treatment Of Red Spots On Lip That Won’t Go Away


Facial feature is the most important features of a person. When a person goes out, the facial features are the ones that are noted most by other people. They stand out in many things. A person can present more if all the facial features of the person are in good shape. When a person has not an abnormality, the feel the most of the confidence. And more confidence leads to better opportunities in life.

When the facial features of a person are damaged, the whole look is damaged. A broken finger doesn’t affect your look as much as a pimple on your face. And what affects your look more than a pimple on your face is a red bump on the lip. A red spot on the lip that won’t go away is one of the worst things that can happen to a person. It almost ruins your look. You can’t give a representation with a sore lip. A person’s self-confidence is highly compromised when a lip sore occurs. So, yes, times with lip sores can be highly challenging.

red spot on the lip that won’t go away
A Girl with red spots on lip that won’t go away easily

Lip Sores

There are many types of lip sores. There are many causes of lip sores that cause different types of lip sores. Lip sores can be completely harmless. They can be very dangerous too. Being a symptom of oral cancer itself. Following are the different types of lip sores that can occur to a person.

Cold Sores

Cold sores are also called canker sores. They are caused by a herpes simplex virus. The virus usually causes the types of sores in the oral and the genital parts of the body. The sores are caused in the form of blisters. The blisters that are formed on the lips stay on the lips for about one or two days. After a few days, the blisters pop up and give out a clear liquid. The remaining marks of the blisters clear up in a few days. Cold sores can be avoided by keeping a good hygiene.

Herpes labials

Herpes labials are known as oral herpes. It is the cause of most of the oral problems. Oral herpes is caused by the herpes simplex virus. The virus causes the skin to form painful and unattractive blisters on the skin that are very hard to deal with. This virus can be spread by any kind of contact with the person carrying the virus. The virus becomes dormant after the first infection. After a few days, it causes more blisters that are usually fever blisters.


You can treat the sore by visiting your doctor. The doctor will prescribe you some affective medicine, that will hopefully exterminate the virus. You can clean the blisters regularly with warm water and an antiseptic soap. Use ice on the blisters. Avoid all kinds of hot beverages, coffee, tea, salty or spicy food. All these precautions will help you deal with the red spot on the lip that won’t go away.

So, this is a guide on a red spot on lips and what they potentially can be. If you have any such spot on your lips, do not waste any time in consulting your doctor. Consulting an expert before taking any sort of medication is highly advised. Do not proceed with taking medications on your own as it may worsen your condition.



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